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Angiography Suite

Our focus is on the treatment of vein and peripheral vascular conditions using minimally invasive approaches. We established Bloomfield Vein & Vascular in 2015 to offer patients a safer, more efficient and more cost-effective way of treating these complex problems. Our team of professionals is completely dedicated to provide you with an environment that is friendly, safe and compassionate. BVV stands as the most established facility in Metro Detroit providing these services under the direction of a board-certified Vascular Surgeon.

Our state-of-the-art angiography suite is equipped with the latest generation of imaging to limit your radiation exposure, while enhancing the images that we can obtain. 

We use IntraVascular Ultrasound (IVUS) to “see” inside your blood vessels, allowing us to obtain precise measurements in cases that we must choose a balloon or a stent to treat your condition. In cases of contrast or IV dye allergy, or in patients with impaired kidney function, we can use CO2, a gas that does not affect the function of your kidneys, while still allowing us to image appropriately. These technological advancements are not offered by all providers that claim to treat these conditions and is why we have an unmatched safety record in Metro Detroit for performing thousands of procedures with excellent results.



Vascular Ultrasound 

Our ultrasound capabilities are unmatched. We have two state of the art Mindray ultrasound units, and we can perform all the necessary vascular ultrasound studies to complement the care that we deliver. We have a comfortable ultrasound room and a staff that is professional and thorough. The ultrasounds are performed by one of our two Registered Vascular Technologists, or RVTs, the highest possible credentialing that can be achieved by ultrasound technologists.

We have received the designation of an accredited vascular ultrasound facility from the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission, IAC. This honor is bestowed to organizations that have achieved a high level of expertise in the field of vascular imaging. The process to achieve accreditation is demanding and accreditation is not easily obtained. For you, the patient, it signifies that your vascular ultrasound is of the highest quality and that the images and results are reliable.

We often find that patients have ultrasounds performed at other centers. Some of these studies are of poor quality or the interpretation of the study is performed by someone who is not properly trained to read ultrasounds. Because of this, we often have to repeat the studies, which we understand is an inconvenience to you. However, our decisions to determine the best treatment option for you are based on proper images and it is often surprising how different the results are when the studies are performed at our institution.

If your primary care physician wishes for you to have a vascular ultrasound, we are happy to accommodate your request and provide a high-quality study, with adequate interpretation, that can be helpful to your doctor.



Ultrasound image of the iliac arteries and veins. BVV is one of the few centers in the area that can perform sophisticated ultrasound studies under the accreditation seal of the IAC.


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