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What is ED?

In essence, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection firm enough to achieve penetration and to satisfactorily complete the act of intercourse. ED can vary in presentation, with some men reporting mild impairment to others with severe difficulties.

How common is ED?

In 2018, it was estimated that ED affected 18-30 million men in the US. This condition worsens with age, with 40% of men over the age of 40, 50% of men over the age of 50, 60% of men over the age of 60 and 70% of men over the age of 70, reporting this as a problem in their lives. The risk of having ED increases with high blood pressure, diabetes, increased cholesterol, heart disease, and smoking.

How is ED a vascular problem?

Aging is associated with vascular changes in the arteries and sinusoids (think of these as small pooling lakes within tissues) of a specific area of the penis known as the corpora cavernosa. As we age, there is material (plaque) that forms inside of our arteries that restrict flow to specific organs, including the penis. In up to 80% of patients who experience vasculogenic (i.e., a vascular cause for) ED, having and maintaining an erection is directly tied to restrictions in blood flow.

Can this vascular problem be addressed?

Yes. Soundwave technology is a revolutionary non-invasive approach that targets the restrictions of blood flow seen in the vessels and sinusoids of the penis. It utilizes high frequency, low-intensity shockwaves that break the plaque that is present within these blood vessels. By treating the plaque, it helps to improve flow to the penis, which is essential for and to maintain an erection.


But Soundwave technology does so much more:  it also stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, a process known as neovascularization. These new arteries are part of the microvasculature that is essential for an erection and it has the added benefit of increasing overall blood flow to the penis, which improves sexual function. This Soundwave technology also achieves the growth of new nerve tissue, thus enhancing sensitivity in the penis, and can also activate dormant stem cells, which leads to new cell growth. All of these effects contribute to enhance performance, addressing the root of the problem.


How effective is Soundwave technology to treat ED?

In clinical trials, men who have undergone Soundwave treatment report improved sexual performance, increased sensitivity, more spontaneous erections, and better orgasms. Soundwave treatment of ED is associated with up to 75% success rate, with better results seen in those patients who are seeking to enhance performance and who might not be yet be suffering from incapacitating ED. This technology has proven to be beneficial for men who seek to improve their performance, and in many cases can delay the onset of ED.


How is Soundwave therapy performed, and what can I expect short term and long term?

The procedure is performed as an outpatient office visit, lasting 15-20 minutes per session, with the ability to resume sexual activity right away. It is not painful, and a special ultrasound handpiece is used to deliver the shockwaves that break the plaque into smaller fragments that the body is able to absorb. Most patients require 6 sessions over the course of 3-6 weeks, and when there is a response, the benefits can last up to 14-16 months, and in some cases even up to 2 years. Maintenance therapy can continue to provide benefits, without depending upon a pill for those times that require spontaneous intimacy. 

Why is sexual health important?

Research has noted that having a healthy sexual life can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure, enhance your immune system, reduce your risk of prostate cancer, and can lower your overall risk of death. There are less anxiety and depression and an overall boost to confidence. The benefits also extend towards your partner. Healthy sexual lives increase levels of trust, intimacy, and love, and leads to stronger bonds. 

What about “the little blue pill?”

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) became a regular topic of discussion since the introduction of Sildenafil or Viagra, aka “the little blue pill” in 1998. Several other similar drugs followed, including Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil (Levitra). A number of other medications have then made it to the market and are commonly known as Phosphodiesterase-5-inhibitors (PDE-5i, PDE5 or PD5i), and can be effective in about 80% of patients. These medications work by dilating or “opening up” blood vessels and specific tissues within the penis and may facilitate erections. Their effects, however, are not isolated to this area alone and are short-lived.


There are concerns, however…

These medications can also have profound side effects, are contraindicated in certain patients (particularly those with cardiac conditions), and the dropout ratio (the proportion of patients who stop taking these medications for one reason or another) can be as high as 70%. The side effect profiles of these medications caution prescribing these drugs to patients who are taking nitrates (blood pressure or angina medications that are commonly used in patients with coronary disease), who have diabetes, men over the age of 50, smokers, men who have hypertension, and those that have high cholesterol among many other cautions. In essence, the patient population that may have to depend on these drugs to sustain their sexual health, is the same population that tends to be afflicted by these medical conditions that as physicians, we are asked to be cautious with. If you are a man who suffers from ED, you are essentially at risk of having some type of side effect if you opt to use these drugs.


In summary

Men’s health is intimately tied to sexual health. Soundwave technology is a scientifically proven, non-invasive procedure that can have profound physical, functional and psychological effects, without depending upon a pill and without concern for medication side effects. The benefits of adequately treating the root cause of ED are immense, not only for its short-term effect, but because Soundwave technology can achieve a long-term solution.

As a board-certified Vascular Surgeon, with decades of experience in treating vascular conditions in a minimally invasive fashion, the ability to incorporate Soundwave technology into my practice, sets me apart from all of the other practitioners who either offer the same technology or offer different, substandard solutions to ED, and who do not have the background in vascular conditions to effect the most benefit.



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